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Business Assistance

It can be a dream come true... but it takes a considerable amount of work and dedication! Entrepreneurs must devote a lot of time and even personal resources to opening and running a small business... and it is much more than just being there with regular hours. Here are some tools to help you on your journey to successful small business ownership.

Market research

The first step to starting a business is to gauge its chances of success. Just because another town has a great start-up doesn't guarantee it will work well in your local market. Market analysis and research can help you see if your idea is a good fit.

Feasibility Checklist

Market Data Use

Market Overview

2016 Past Market/Retail Review

Marketing & Promotions

Once you've gone through the business guide and made all the important decisions about your business, it's time to prepare your marketing plan. Promoting your business in a variety of ways helps het the word out and is never-ending!

State Programs/Agencies

Several programs within various state agencies or with utility companies exist to assist business owners with questions and provide help. While some of these programs may not be applicable, it is helpful to be aware of what is available.

Local Requirements

Sometimes businesses need to have special licenses or inspections done. Here are some handy links that may help you determine what your business might require and where to get assistance.

Community Partners

More than anything, Jacksonville Main Street and its community partners want to help your business succeed and are here to help in any way we can. Besides the self-help resources listed, reach out to any of us for help ... it's what we are here for!

Business plan

With market research done, the next thing an entrepreneur is asked to produce is a business plan. This plan can help you get financing, be it from a local bank or SBA, but also helps chart a course to keep you on track as your dream grows into reality!

SBA Start-Up Guide

IL SBDC Business Planner

IL DCEO First Stop Guide

Buying and Selling a Business

SBA Resources

Illinois Resources

Grow with Google

Best Business Practices

There's a lot to think about when running a business, so here are some helpful tips for things to think about and understand to guide you at your own pace along your entrepreneurial path.

Incentives & Funding

There are several local and regional incentive programs that can be used individually or in combination with other programs. Research carefully to find out which assistance programs you may be able to utilize for your business.

Tax Credit incentives

A variety of incentive programs that provide funding in the form of tax credits can sometimes be employed in combination with other incentives also. Again, do the research and plan which programs are most beneficial.

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